Collection: Golden Ticket to Literacy Bundles

Customize your book vending machine here. Please contact us for assistance in putting together funding for your literacy bundle.

Contact us if your school already owns a book vending machine and you would like to join our literacy and book replenishment program.


  • Select the Golden Ticket Vending Machine* INCLUDES:
    • Basic Bundle (filled machine with 272 books for reading levels from pre-K to 6th grade (emerging reader, early fluency, fluent reader) (up to 10 of each title)
    • 32 portrait emerging reader/early fluency books
    • 28 additional books for library or machine
    • Meet-the-Author event including 250 copies of author's book
  • Select additional bundles for your demographics
    • bundles will indicate the number of books at each reading level
    • alternative titles may be included 
    • they will generally include 4-8 copies of each title
  • Select individual titles, if desired (at a 40% discount) 
  • Select your favorite authors for a meet-the-author event and contact us for availability
  • Secure funding (Esser funds, PTO, corporate sponsoring, non-profit support (including possible grants from Random Acts of Reading)

*If you already have a BVM, you can order by tray to fit your machine.