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YACK! Writing Contest

KIDS ARE CREATIVE and have great stories to share with their communities--experience them here in this library for kids and by kids! THANK YOU to all the young authors who have participated in the YACK! contests in the past. After a brief hiatus, the contest is back! Congratulations to all of the authors who have shared their stories. Enjoy the winning books from the past few years, as well as digital titles from students around the world. 

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It is time to start working on your manuscript for the 2023 YACK! contest! You can submit your stories at any time (the sooner we get them, the sooner they go online). Have fun writing! Send us your manuscript with your name, age, grade, and email address with YACK! in the subject line.

By submitting your child's story, you are giving permission for us to share it on this site.