Literacy for all!

Random Acts of Reading (RoAR) is committed to promoting literacy confidence for all children by providing exciting and equitable access to quality diverse books, authors, and opportunities to proudly share their own writing and ideas, through an innovative literacy program built around book vending machines.



We believe that equity in education can be achieved by supporting the core skills of literacy (phonics, fluency, and writing) at an early age. By providing inclusive and diverse books to empower them, meet-the-author events to inspire them, and writing workshops and contests to ignite their imaginations and validate their experiences, children will form a strong foundation for becoming confident and contributing citizens in their communities.

About Us

What is the "Golden Ticket to Literacy" Project?

A unique project to equitably promote literacy and excitement for learning in elementary schools, all wrapped up in book vending machines filled with quality diverse books and reading and writing programs.

  • Kids do good

    Kids earn tokens for positive behavior, by achieving learning goals, celebrating a birthday, or however the school chooses, to redeem from a selection of diverse and inclusive books from the school's book vending machine. Kids are celebrated as they select a book to take home, and have a chance of discovering a golden ticket inside its pages.

  • Quest for the Golden Ticket

    There is a golden ticket hidden in one of the books in the book vending machine. When a student reveals the book with the golden ticket, the entire school receives the exciting announcement that the author of that book will be coming (in person or virtually) to the school for an author visit, where all of the age-appropriate students will receive a copy of the winning book.

    The Golden Ticket 
  • Winning Literacy Programs

    The books also include access to diverse literacy programming, such as access to online book audios, additional author bonus resources, a writing contest and online library of books by kids, as well as an online library provided by Readeo. An extra writing workshop is also offered, where kids apply to be part of a small author team that will write and publish a book of their own.

    YACK! Library 
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  • Our Core Values

    ~ We believe that literacy is a right for all.
    ~We believe that literacy is an important tool in helping children communicate and feel valued.
    ~We believe that self-esteem and emotional intelligence develop when children are able to express themselves and feel seen and heard.
    ~We believe in the creative potential of all kids.

    ~We believe kids need representation in books.