The Golden Ticket to Literacy book vending machine program

We will assist you in putting together the perfect package for your school! Contact us after you review this with any questions. We can set up a time to help configure the best bundle for your school. 

~a unique educational equity program designed to provide a one-source literacy supplement for elementary schools.


The Golden Ticket to Literacy Program, includes:
  1. Book Vending Machine
    • Filled with 272 quality, diverse books appropriate for K-6 (emerging reader, early fluency, fluent reader) 
    • Includes one hundred reusable golden tokens kids receive from teachers/ administrators/staff (rewards, birthdays, writing); the school decides the criteria and frequency for tokens
    • 36 extra books 
  1. GOLDEN TICKET (inserted in one book per book shipment) wins for the school:
    • Meet-the-Author event
    • A copy of the author’s book for every child (age-appropriate) (250 books, +/- $6.50 each)
  1. YACK! Young Authors-Creative Kids writing contest
  2. YACK! Free Digital Library (all submissions are made into ebooks and put into a free library for kids, by kids)
  1. Online access to hundreds of RoAR titles, along with author audios/videos/read-alouds        
  1. Free access to “bookchatting” services (thousands of ebooks that can be shared on an online platform, e.g. for virtual meet-the-author events, or parents/ grandparents who can help out by reading a book to the class or help individual students with reading during a break at work)


 Support learning by:

  • Encouraging positive behavior
  • Animating kids to engage in daily at-home reading with owned books
  • Inspiring reading and creativity with meet-the-author events
  • Developing self-confidence in reading, as they read along with audios online
  • Promoting equity and inclusion in the classroom 

The Golden Ticket vending machine arrives filled with unique mixture of diverse and inclusive books, tailored to each school’s demographics. The quest for the Golden Ticket keeps kids excited about the program, but the prize is for ALL of the students, not just for the lucky finder.

 The Golden Ticket book vending machine provides all the tools for educational equity that help children reach the goal of 20 minutes of reading per day in a fun and simple format.



$11,000 provides the following (customizable to your school’s needs):

  • A Golden Ticket customized book vending machine, with bonus 4-year warranty
  • 272 books to fill the machine from diverse indie authors, plus 36 extras
  • QR codes in books with access to all related materials.
  • Young Authors-Creative Kids Writing Contest.
  • 6-part writing workshop for ca. 20 students to create a book (by application, requires local support to facilitate, and together they write, illustrate, and publish a book and have their own meet-the-author event at the school)
  • Online young author library.
  • One Meet-the-Author event with 250 books (+/- $6.50/student)


Additional Information:

  • If your school already has a Global Book Vending Machine, you can still select the Golden Ticket Fulfillment Program at a cost of $4,000 (308 diverse books/author event/250 books for author event)
  • Refill program if you are already in the Golden Ticket program: $2000 for 308 books
  • Individual books and book bundles can be ordered for the Golden Ticket program at any time, or you can purchase a subscription to match your school’s needs.
  • Additional Information online at or contact us at



 Schools can fund the program through

  • ESSER funds (the program qualifies through its innovative approach to closing the learning gap)
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • PTO funds
  • Grants (eg. Dollar General Literacy grant, NEA, ...)
  • RoAR assistance (starting in 2024)


Contact: Penny Eifrig,, 814.954.9445