Each machine comes with 100 tokens that are distributed to the administration/ teachers/staff to be handed out to their students.

Every school decides how they distribute their tokens, how often each child can select a book, and how frequently they are invited to redeem their tokens. 

  • Some schools may have a PBIS system in place, so they can "earn" their token through the established paths to rewards.
  • Some schools may decide to randomly offer the tokens, or give them for birthdays, or for random acts of kindness. Or maybe kids earn a token by writing a story and submitting it to the YACK! writing contest! Every school can create a system that works for them. 

It is important though that there is a path to receiving a token for EVERY child, even if they are having a difficult time presenting positive behavior or learning. 

Depending upon the size of the school and the funds for replenishment, schools should determine how quickly their machine needs to be refilled. We are working on a subscription service for replenishment and will provide the links when it is finalized.