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See what folks are saying about the Golden Ticket to Literacy!

"I wanted to tell you how excited the kids have been about this book vending machine!  They give me updates when kids from their class get books and if there's any other special surprises in the book. I think Jennifer told me a kid in her class got the golden ticket!  It's so awesome that Centre Hall was able to do that."

~Parent of child at Centre Hall Elementary School

"Kids love contests, and they love to win. To make the win about books and reading is to encourage and inspire children to know what a huge deal it is. My children won their first book at the Miami Book Fair when they were young, and it started a whole new love for reading."

~Marta Magellan, author of multiple books about animals


"Being part of this program is so rewarding for me. Reading is the foundation of all learning. When children learn to read they succeed." 

~Alva Sachs, author of multiple award-winning books


"This beautiful program puts books directly into students' hands and allows them to 'choose' according to their interests.  Less overwhelming than a library, it has a certain appeal to the tech-savvy kids who like to press buttons for entertainment. The diverse selection of books gives them a smorgasbord of choice, and the display of eye-catching covers is quite an inducement to pick one.  I hope that one of my books opens their eyes to the beauty of our world's great cultures. Whether it's about traditions or history, I hope my books demystify these subjects and encourage kids to return for more from other authors." 

~Carole P. Roman, award-winning author of over 50 books


"This program is particularly meaningful as it offers a novel way to get multicultural and bilingual books into the hands of children who might otherwise not have access to them. I love being part of a program that gets kids excited about books and reading!"

 ~Anneke Forzani, founder of Language Lizard publishing house, which produces bilingual books in over 40 languages


"Book vending machines in schools? Absolutely! This is an innovative program, and the accompanying golden tickets offer a unique way to inspire and motivate children to fulfill their curiosity for books. Most importantly, this program puts books into the hands of children who may not otherwise have such a unique opportunity to develop a love of reading. I believe the book vending machine program will be life-changing!"

~Kenda Swartz Pepper, author of Well Earth, Well Me!


Podcast by Brianna Carter with founder Penny Eifrig