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Abby's Adventures - Dance Recital ...and the Case of Ballerina-itis

Abby's Adventures - Dance Recital ...and the Case of Ballerina-itis

by Suzanne Ridolfi /

Illustrated by Dawn Griffin

Join Abby as she stumbles through childhood's most difficult situations. Laugh along with this delightful 6-year-old as she uses a bit of spunk and a lot of creativity to handle the exciting adventures of being a kid.

Dance along with Abby in this adventure as she decides to become a ballerina. After a few mishaps, Abby realizes being a dancer is harder than it looks and wants to quit. Will a mysterious case of ballerina-itis stop her or will she dance all the way to the recital?


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Suzanne Ridolfi

The author, Suzanne Ridolfi, holds a degree in Psychology and has done Master’s work in Child Psychology.

With the Abby series, she hopes to help young children cope with their insecurities while building a strong sense of self-esteem through laughter and courage.

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