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Daffodil Grey and the Colorful Parade

Daffodil Grey and the Colorful Parade

by Anna Gilchrist /

Illustrated by Anna Gilchrist

Daffodil Grey and her cat, Teacake, find themselves discover an amazing colorful parade! However it is about to be ruined by some naughty twins that want the fun to end. Can Daffi stop them from destroying the celebration?

Based on Articles 13 and 15 of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child, this fun-filled story will encourage young minds to embrace what make them and others unique, and to express their beliefs with compassion, courage, and love.

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Anna Gilchrist

Anna Gilchrist is an American author and advocate for children's rights. She is also the founder and editor-chief of Sandfish Publishing, a media publishing company that focuses on creating diverse children's literature by supporting and working with authors and illustrators of various multicultural backgrounds, identities, and abilities.

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