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Meet the Mermaids: Hi, I'm Sofia

Meet the Mermaids: Hi, I'm Sofia

by Lois Petren /

Illustrated by

In this engaging mermaid book about telling the truth meet Sofia, a Latina mermaid, and one of the Five Enchanted Mermaids! Her best friend is Daisy the dolphin and her favorite color is red. She loves to collect coral and shells. She and Daisy love to make up songs and dance together. 

She lives with her mermaid sisters in an undersea kingdom called Atargatis where they have lots of sea creature friends. Each of the five mermaids has a special skill that they can use to help their friends. Sofia’s special skill is honesty and truthfulness.

In this children’s mermaid book, Meet the Mermaids: Hi, I’m Sofia, you and your child get to know Sofia, who loves to help kids learn about the joys and benefits of being honest. Let Sofia be your child’s guide as she gently talks through the reasons why kids lie and then presents some vignettes to illustrate these different reasons. In each mini-story there are “happy” and “unhappy” outcomes, which map out the range of consequences that could confront a child when presented with the choice to either fess up or deflect blame from themselves. These alternate scenarios can be used as conversation starters between you and your child.

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Lois Petren

Lois Petren, author of the Lulu and Lainey and Five Enchanted Mermaids series of children's picture books, became an author by chance when, after returning from a family vacation in Paris, she discovered she had left behind a ball of yarn she needed to complete a knitting project. This became the inspiration for her first book, "Lulu and Lainey ... a French Yarn." Five additional books followed.

The Lulu and Lainey series follows the exploits of a little French girl, named Lulu, who loves to knit with her grand-mére. She even has a favorite ball of squishy green yarn, which she calls “Lainey”.

Since 2018, in collaboration with LifeMadeSimple, LLC, Lois has authored a series of books about the Five Enchanted Mermaids, a diverse multicultural group of mermaids who help children to develop a growth mindset and learn developmental skills. Each mermaid has a superpower, which can help young children in their early development.

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