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Pack-N-Go Girls / Fluent Reader

Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost: Austria

Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost: Austria

by Janelle Diller /

Illustrated by Adam Turner

Welcome to Austria!

Nine-year-old Brooke Mason has lived all her life on a ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Now she’s headed to Austria with her mom. Brooke can’t wait! They even get to stay in Schloss Mueller, an ancient Austrian castle. Even better? There’s a girl Brooke’s age to play with! Eva, the girl who lives in Schloss Mueller is thrilled to meet Brooke. Unfortunately, the castle’s ghost isn’t quite so happy.

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Janelle Diller

Janelle Diller has always had a passion for writing. As a young child, she wouldn’t leave home without a pad and pencil just in case her novel hit her and she had to scribble it down quickly. She eventually learned that good writing takes a lot more time and effort than this. Fortunately, she still loves to write. She’s especially lucky because she also loves to travel. She’s explored over 45 countries for work and play and can’t wait to land in the next new country. It doesn’t get any better than writing stories about traveling. Janelle brings her master’s in curriculum and instruction with a specialty in reading to all that she writes, including creating the teaching resources for her books. She and her husband live on a sailboat in Mexico in the winter and in a house in Colorado in the summer.

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