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Proskater (A Boy Called Amari)

Proskater (A Boy Called Amari)

by Amari Bingham /

Illustrated by Niquey

Amari is your typical busy nine-year-old boy. Author Amari Bingham describes how his namesake enjoys playing golf, chess, riding his scooter, and playing the piano. His parents and grandmother support him in his many activities. One day, Amari's mom says she has a surprise for him, and they go for a ride. Amari is both excited and curious as to what this surprise could be, but the ride to their destination doesn't give him any clues. They finally arrive at a skating rink! Amari has never been skating before, but his mom encourages him to try learning new things. Join Amari and his family and friends in Proskater (A Boy Called Amari) as he embarks on a new experience; learning how to skate.
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Amari Bingham

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