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Rebecca Flansburg

Rebecca Flansburg

Becky Flansburg is a Minnesota mompreneur with 10+ years’ experience as a freelance writer and blogger. When not writing blog posts, newsletters, or books, she keeps busy as the project manager for the non-profit initiative, Multicultural Children’s Book Day, and working with clients as a content, marketing, and accountability coach.

She is the proud mom of two beautiful kids and her primary site,, is dedicated to helping women realize their work-from-home dreams, enjoy life beyond the cubicle, and find clarity in the work/life/family balance. Followers can connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @BeckyFlansburg
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  • Reading with Daisy & Max

    Kids read aloud to shelter dogs via a dial-up number. No stress about perfection and is relaxing for the dogs, too! Schools can track minutes read per child (by number only, no personal data is collected).

  • Dial-up Read-Along

    Kids can read along with a recording of the book either via dial-up or link to improve at home reading fluency.


    Click hear to listen 
  • Bookchatting

    Invite community members to read one-on-one with students with this handy app. Or host your author visit with the book presented virtually.

    Read online here