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Vision Your Dreams

Sandra Elaine Scott

Sandra Elaine Scott

Sandra Elaine Scott is an award-winning author. Inspired by her bicultural heritage, she is a child at heart and has a love for all things magical. She loves to read and dream up stories. Sandra’s wish is that children learn to love themselves and create their own magical joy-filled days.
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  • Reading with Daisy & Max

    Dial (520) 796-6323 and enter the code provided by the teacher to read aloud to shelter dogs. No stress about perfection and it is relaxing for the dogs, too! Schools can track minutes read per child (by number only, no personal data is collected).

  • Dial-up Read-Along

    Dial (520) 796-6323 and enter the code below to listen to an audio recording of your book as you read along.


    Click hear for additional audio/video 
  • Bookchatting

    Invite community members to read one-on-one with students with this handy app. Or host your author visit with the book presented virtually.

    Read online here

Book a visit with Sandra Elaine Scott

If you would like to plan a school visit with Sandra Elaine, please contact us via the link below. If Sandra Elaine is coming to your school, you will receive a Golden Ticket to place in one of the books. Upon discovery, a QR code can be scanned which then announces the event.

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