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The 3 Engineers / Early Fluency

The Adventures of Scout: Stop Dropping Litter

The Adventures of Scout: Stop Dropping Litter

by Nick, Jon & Matt /

Illustrated by Ann Baratashvilli

A concerned Scout discovers beaches are covered in rubbish! How is she going to help clean this mess up?

The fun rhyming children’s book series called ‘The Adventures of Scout’ aims to raise awareness of common environmental issues and encourages readers to join Scout’s team to help better our planet. The project has reached over 100,000 children in 2022 and the fun rhyming text and incredible illustrations will capture children’s imagination. Let’s inspire the next generation of problem solvers.

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Nick, Jon & Matt

The3Engineers have written a set of fun rhyming children's books named ‘The Adventures of Scout’. Our aim is to inspire the next generation to take small positive action to better the world. We want readers to join ‘Scout’s Team’ and actively participate in fixing some worldwide problems which feature in our books. By taking small but important steps, we hope our books encourage children and parents to plant some seeds to feed the bees, to pick up plastic, and to upcycle household waste and turn it into rescue kits to help animals in our local habitats. Make sure you check out our three audio books and become an active member of Scout’s team. Together, we can make a difference.

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