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The Tale of the Black Unicorn

The Tale of the Black Unicorn

by Sandra Elaine Scott /

Illustrated by

Reina is a special unicorn who loves playing with her friends until the day she starts to change. When magical things start to happen, she tries to hide her differences. The enchanting tale of the Black unicorn is told to 8-year-old Reina who learns to have confidence in herself and to be proud of who she is. This wonderful twist on identity and loving yourself will inspire children as they hear the powerful message "You are Loved! You are Beautiful! You are You!

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Sandra Elaine Scott

Sandra Elaine Scott is an award-winning author. Inspired by her bicultural heritage, she is a child at heart and has a love for all things magical. She loves to read and dream up stories. Sandra’s wish is that children learn to love themselves and create their own magical joy-filled days.

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