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Well Earth Well Me

Well Earth Well Me

by Kenda Swartz Pepper /

Illustrated by

By Kenda Swarz Pepper

Well Earth Well Me! has been created to empower small people to take little steps to make big changes.

What are some of the choices you can make to help create a well earth and a well you? There are many options, ideas, and solutions!

Well Earth Well Me! includes 15 tips for kids to maintain a healthy self and a healthy earth. But don’t just stop there, the best solutions are created from within your heart!

What people are saying about Well Earth Well Me!

Well Earth Well Me! offers parents and teachers a great tool to teach early fluency about caring for the planet in a way that is joyful and never anxiety-provoking. It offers simple, doable activities that are good for the world and fun to do.”    ~Lizzy Rockwell, Author and Illustrator of The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness and Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food and Nutrition

“I believe that inspiring, empowering, and educating early fluency in ways they can help the world and our earth is key to our future and even survival. I laud Kenda for creating a kid-friendly book with beautiful illustrations and ideas for early fluency to help themselves and the earth.”   ~Martha Nitzberg, Lead Interpretative Naturalist, Natural Bridges State Beach, CA 


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Kenda Swartz Pepper

When she’s not working, volunteering, fiddling about the garden, biking, photographing nature, being a pollinactivist, writing about social and environmental justice, or reading her eco-children’s book to aspiring stewards of the earth, Kenda, a former Monarch butterfly docent, gets her kicks writing long sentences and hanging with her husband, her dog, and the pollineighbors.

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