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Aliana Reaches for the Moon

Aliana Reaches for the Moon

by Laura Roettiger /

Illustrated by Ariel Boroff

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By Laura Roettiger

"Aliana Reaches for the Moon interweaves science and art to tell a beautiful story about a budding young scientist who serves as a wonderful mentor and role model for her younger brother." ~Grace Wolf-Chase, PhD; Astronomer, Adler Planetarium

In this charming STEAM book, early fluency will see how the light of the full moon inspires Aliana to create a present for her brother Gustavo, which will surprise the whole family.

Aliana loves observing everything in nature.

When she notices how bright the light of the full moon shines into her room, she spends time learning about the moon and experimenting with light.

As she prepares for her brother's birthday, she plans a wonderful surprise to be revealed with the next full moon.


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"This short early fluency’s book imparts many pearls of wisdom about the qualities of a scientist, while telling an engaging story about a girl’s caring relationship with her younger brother. Using her ingenuity, imagination, and ordinary household materials, Aliana creates a special experience for Gustavo’s 5th birthday. Aliana Reaches for the Moon encourages all early fluency – and especially girls - to read, explore, experiment, and to take notice of the natural world. There’s even an important message for parents – doing science can be messy!"    ~ Grace Wolf-Chase, PhD; Astronomer, Adler Planetarium


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Laura Roettiger

Laura Roettiger is the author of ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON and has enjoyed working with children ever since she was no longer considered a child herself. She was a reading specialist and elementary teacher in Chicago, IL before moving to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she worked in Environmental Education and as a new teacher mentor for two years at a STEM school. She is a judge for Rate Your Story, works with third grade classrooms through #KidsNeedMentors, tutors adults in the Boulder Reads Literacy program at the Boulder Public Library, and works with BookstoKids, a Colorado based literacy nonprofit. Her superpower is encouraging curiosity in children and her students, letting them know she believes in them. She has three children of her own whose curiosity and creativity led all of them into STEM related professions.

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