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The Ace Compeers: The Secrets of Skin Colour

The Ace Compeers: The Secrets of Skin Colour

by Rita Bhandari /

Illustrated by Indra Audipriatna

Open your eyes! Ready your ears! It's time to learn with the Ace Compeers!
The Ace Compeers are a diverse group of friends committed to learning all about the world and helping others. Join Ang, Basma, Riley, Erika, and Manjeet as they learn about skin. Basma, Riley, Erika, and Manjeet as they learn about skin colour and the ways people are both different and similar.
Using kid-friendly language and an antiracist framework, this first book of The Ace Compeers series uses inquiry-based learning techniques to draw connections between skin colour, genetics, geography, and history. It sets the foundation upon which children can shift their preconceived ideas of race and adopt an accurate understanding of skin colour. This book also features study questions to foster a hunger for learning and guide discussion with young readers, making this book an excellent resource for parents, schools, and educational organizations.

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Rita Bhandari

From a young age, Rita Bhandari’s French Canadian and South Asian background fostered in her a deep curiosity about race. Her biracial identity and lived experiences have fueled her curiosity about the science and history of race and inspired her to become an educator and advocate for equity and inclusion. Rita has been teaching for ten years and earned three certificates from the Equity Literacy Institute, an antiracism certificate from the Canadian Centre For Diversity and Inclusion and a professional Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell University. Rita lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and children.

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